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Our programs

Learning English has always been very important all over the world. It is the most common spoken language in the world and more than 400 million people around
the world speak it as a first language.

Italy has always been spiritually very close to Azerbaijan. People travel and visit Italy more often. Italian fashion and culture are always in the center of interest of many people. We can organize master classes of Italian cuisine and communicative classes with Italian experts.

More students would like to continue their education abroad especially in Germany. For this they need a good command of German.  We can help them with our enthusiastic team

French is another area of study in our center. More and more people would like to learn it for pleasure as well as for work and study at French Universities

Within the last 2 years number of tourists from Arabic countries increased by 70 % and     with this increased the demand to Arabian language. Our expert in Arabic language can help you to develop an ability to communicate effectively in Arabic language.

Russian is an East Slavic Language and has over 285 million speakers worldwide. It’s the   7th   most spoken language in the world.

Private lessons

Private lessons allow the student or students to focus on any aspect that they would like to study — for example, conversational skills, grammar, cultural exposure, certain vocabulary or simply learn a language in a private setting.